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They wrote :


Born in Strasbourg, France, Christian wind started  an international career in intellectual property  in 1987. Art lover and collector for twenty years, he  discovers the “Cobra movement” throughout his passion for the painter Jan te Wierik . Captivated by this expression that plays with the unconscious, he starts to paint.


Wind always begin without specific purpose, spreading the color spontaneously over the canvas. The result is the subject of an intense observation that can last several days. His imagination gets carried away by the colors , visions of creatures, characters, landscapes that are constantly re-visited until a composition suddenly becomes obvious and requires to be translated onto the canvas. The artist starts then “to shape”.   the first images take form, the colors intensify or transform;. and this process is repeated until the final result is reached.

Colors and instinct guide this painter who creates works to be unhurriedly enjoyed, mind open to detail and imagination. 

 Louis Tremblay. Le Devoir (Québec)



 I look at this canvas of CHRISTIAN WIND ; my eyes sparkle and light up with enthusiasm , as a kid looking at his marbles. The colors and culture of my beautiful continent shine there !

Moussa Diagne. Regard International  (Sénégal) 



Christian Wind gradually reveals, pours and distills that beautiful aroma of luminous intensity
Abdala Kone, writer (Ivory Coast)

Wind sculpts the colors of our origins
Christophhe Pavia, poet (France)

To Wind we will  say : " Congratulations! "
Ismail Zanoune, Poet (Algéria)

A work of Christian Wind crosses continents; seeking direction on the walls of time.
Bernard Couraud, poet (France)

Colors as warm as tropical fruits; my Goodness, what a beautiful mess !  He is strong, the good lord Wind!
Metolo Foyet. Poetess (Ghana)

Under a voluble brush, diving in a multicolored ink, Wind, imbued with the divine spirit,  Mural depicted an altruistic!
Abdala Kone, poet (Ivory Coast)