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Dominique Hoppe is best known as President of AFFOImonde. One can find all details of his career on the website of this Organization and on a video made by the Gusi Peace Prize organization for the 2014 Award ceremony .
However it is not the President who will express himself here, but the poet;  for poetry has always hold an important place in his life. 
As we believe that a poem is worth a thousand pictures, here is what three poets have written about him: 






There are men capable of transforming the world,

But in humility, far away from the lights;

Invisible angels , they shield values and rights,

Without yet boast nor shine, soul as pure as a pearl.   


Dominique Hoppe is one of them!


There are men capable of inspiring the best;

They speak the words of truth and their ideas are blessed.

By choice they keep outside the first circles of clout,

Yet it is by their hands that the future is wrought.


Dominique Hoppe is one of them!


We met him fleetingly,  but it was magical,

And the words we exchanged still glow upon our path.


There are men capable of instant  influence,

Because their sincere touch feels like a providence;


Dominique Hoppe is one of them!



Jean Baptiste Diarra (ETHIOPIA)

Jean-Jacques Saugel (AUSTRIA)

Manuel Bello (BRAZIL)




poème taken from the book : " Poètes du monde pour le français et la Francophonie "  available here::