Paintings and poems

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Wind and Hoppe is born from the artistic encounter of a painter,  Christian  Wind,  and a  poet,  Dominique Hoppe. Both adhere to this anti-elitist idea that artistic expression is a gift to all;  a natural way to explore other states;  a tool to express emotions . The artist doesn’t work towards a goal but to thrive. One comes back to oneself to better open to others.  Perfection is no longer a goal but a possibility.


Inspired by the spirit of the Cobra movement, they decided to combine their talents, to mix, to cross and use the synergistic effect to explore slopes inaccessible to separated arts.

Two parallel tracks can thus lead to the realization of common works:


From the color to the word

As an investigator eager for truth, Dominique Hoppe questions Christian Wind. He then puts the canvas in rhymes. This transmutation exposes the quest and the  unconscious spontaneity of the painter, providing a reading grid of the work without revealing the mysteries.


From the word to the color

Immersed in the verses of Dominique Hoppe, Christian Wind gives them a shape, a tone, a visual reality.  The resulting “Sensoriality” reinforces the evocative power of the poem and opens possibilities that transcend the semantic inspiration.


The multidimensional representation of artistic expression resulting from this collaboration not only increases the flavor of the works, it also overcomes the artistic hermeticism that too often prevents free access to a non-expert public. Wind and Hoppe then becomes a political gesture, an attempt to democratize art.